iterm2 keyboard shortcuts

A list of some of the more critical keyboard shortcuts. Ive excluded many of the shortcuts that are beyond the basics. Less is more.


  • New Tab Command + t
  • Rename Tab Command i
  • Close Tab or Window Command + w
  • Go to Tab Command + Number Key

Create New Panes (split window)

  • Split Window Vertically Command + d
  • Split Window Horizontally Command + Shift + d

Switching Panes

  • Go to Split Pane by Direction Command + Option + Arrow Key

Resize panes

  • Resize Pane Ctrl + Command + Arrow

Close pane

While your on the pane

  • Command + w

Cycle Windows

  • Cycle iTerm Windows Command + backtick


  • Move a pane with the mouse Command + Alt + Shift and then drag the pane from anywhere


  • Fullscreen Command + Enter
  • Maximize a pane Command + Shift + Enter

Search the Command History

  • Search as you type Ctrl + R and type the search term; Repeat Ctrl + R to loop through result
  • Search the last remembered search term Ctrl + R twice
  • End the search at current history entry Ctrl + Y
  • Cancel the search and restore original line Ctrl + G
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