Figma Cheatsheet

When your designing your progress shouldn’t be stunted by the program. You need to be fluid, actively using the keyboard to glide through operations.

As the pen is mightier the the sword, the keyboard is more efficient then the mouse.

  • Keyboard shortcuts reduce cognitive load
  • You don’t need the remember where things are kept
  • You don’t need to scan through huge lists of menu items and the surgically select the item you want
  • Keyboard Shortcuts speed you up

Hide/Show UI

command /

Type show, then check/uncheck the box for hideshow UI.

Command / is like the master command in Figma. If you run that command and then just start typing whatever you’re after you can find it easily.

Add a comment to a figma file

type c to enter comment mode type C to exit comment mode

Adding comments to UI blocks is crucial for our development process. Project managers should go through each block in the figma file and add a comment to all blocks which are global or have some specific funcitonal requirement.

Hide / Show comments

Shift C

Show / Hide the layers panel

Shift command \

Hide / Show rulers

Shift r

Frame selection

command option g

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