Obsidian create and Sync remote vault

Obsidian is great note taking app for mac osx, but you need to way to have it operating on your phone, as well as on your desktop computer. To do this you do need to purchase a premium add-on for obsidian which is called obsidian sync.

This will allow you to create a remote vault, which syncs from a local vault. For instance, you can create a local vault on your desktop computer and then create a remote vault on your phone

Create local vault

Go to settings core plugins Turn on sync (premium feature)

Now create remote vault

  • Go to settings core plugins and sync - hit the cog wheel to access the settings
  • Hit choose, this will allow you to create a new vault if your vault does not already exist

Set password

Insure you still have this password in a safe place you can never lose this password. Please note you only need to use it. Want to initially connect to the local vault.

Connect and sync remote vault to the local vault

Hit connect and sync your existing notes if any

Add you remote vault to your phone

  • Open your obsidian phone app
  • Hit setup obsidian sync
  • Select the vault you would like to sync
  • You will need to Unlock the vault using the password, you created in a previous step.
  • Once you connected to the vault, now, you can start syncing your files to your phone.

If Sync is not working

  • Open both the local and remote vault at the same time. Unfortunately this seems to be a requirement to trigger the sync.
  • Ensure sync is not set to paused in your phone - check settings > sync

Check the sync activity log

  • On your computer check the sync activity log to get an idea of sync activity
  • Update a file on your phone to see if sync activity log updates on your computer
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