Creating a Google Tag in GTM

Google tag is a required tag to send events from gtm to ga4 The Google tag establishes the data flow from your website to Google Analytics and other destinations you might have set. Create one Google tag per domain and place it on every site that you want to measure.

If you don’t have this tag then events like click tel and mailto will not fire to ga4

The google tag is a connector between GTM and GA4

Create the Google Tag


  • Go to tag add new
  • Give it a name.. A nice convention for adding this tag is Google tag configuration -
  • Add the tag, from the “sliding draw” hit google tag.

Adding the Measurement ID

Measurement ID can be found in GA.

  • In google analytics
  • Hit the admin button in the bottom left
  • Open data collection and modifications
  • Click data streams
  • Click the web tab
  • Click your data stream (which probably is labeled the same as your website address)
  • Find and copy measurement id
  • Add event name gtm_ga4_data, this is up to you.

View google instructions

Paste the Measurement ID

Paste the Measurement ID from GA into the Tag id field in GTM.

tag configuration

This is what you should have.

tag configuration end result

Add Trigger

  • Add Trigger
  • choose Initialization - All Pages

Click Save.

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