Wordpress 404 Error When Viewing Individual Posts

title: WordPress 404 Error when viewing Individual Posts date: 2023-02-21 11:35 +1100 categories:r on individual posts due to url conflict](/assets/img/404_error_on_individual_posts_due_to_url_conflict.png)

When the category base matches the custom structure, it will cause a 404 when viewing individual posts.


I recommend using a different category base to avoid the 404 error. After all, the category pages are different types of content then the posts, so why would they share the same url structure.

Another option is to use the category base as “resources” and the post base as “articles”

Personally, I dont think there is anything wrong with keeping the category base as the default ‘category’ slug. This way individual posts can use whatever custom url structure you like.

You can try fix this with plugins


Use a regualar expressions

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