Tmux Windows and Panes Cheatsheet

Run these shortcuts from within vim once you have created a tmux session from your terminal

Open window explorer

prefix w

Close window from the window explorer

once window explorer is open then you can hit x to close the window

Tmux windows

  • prefix c - create new window
  • prefix % to split windows
  • prefix " split vertical
  • prefix and then arrow key to move the cursor around
  • prefix z to zoom in on the screen you are working in
  • prefix z to get back out of zoomed version

Detach from session

Get out of the current session and go back to terminal.

  • prefix d

Rename window

  • prefix : rename-window .

Rename session

  • prefix ,

Switch windows

prefix p - open previous window prefix n - open next windo prefix 0 or 1 or 2 to switch windows, each window has its own number prefix w - list windows

Change session

prefix s

Kill current pane

  • prefix x

Resize panes

:resize-pane -D (Resizes the current pane down)
:resize-pane -U (Resizes the current pane upward)
:resize-pane -L (Resizes the current pane left)
:resize-pane -R (Resizes the current pane right)
:resize-pane -D 10 (Resizes the current pane down by 10 cells)
:resize-pane -U 10 (Resizes the current pane upward by 10 cells)
:resize-pane -L 10 (Resizes the current pane left by 10 cells)
:resize-pane -R 10 (Resizes the current pane right by 10 cells)
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