Technical SEO Checklist

Before you start creating content and driving links to your site, it’s important that the site technically functions like a well tuned machine. This process will help with your technical Seo audits.


Check page crawlability

Check pages that have

  • A noindex value. Pages with this value are not being crawlled.
  • A status code other then 200. Pages with a non 200 value are not being crawlled.

Ensure this is the correct directive for these pages. Screaming frog is a great tool for this.


Configuration of Sitemap

  • Ensure weak content is not being crawlled
  • Ensure potent content is crawlled

Configuration Canonicals

  • Any thin or dull content that has a better version somewhere else should be canonicalized
  • Self canonicalize pages if no canonical is needed

Config Robots File

  • Ensure potent content is crawlled


  • 404s,
  • 503s

Crawl Depth

Crawl/Page depth is a measure of how many clicks away a page is from the homepage of a website. It is an important factor in SEO because it affects how easily search engine crawlers can access and index a page. The deeper a page is, the harder it is for search engines to find and rank it.

Use screaming frog to get the crawl depth of pages - there is a dedicated column.

Mobile Menu

As google crawls the mobile version of the site its important to check the mobile menu to ensure it contains the relevant links.

  • Ensure mobile menu matches the desktop menu this is important because google crawls the mobile site only
  • Ensure mobile menu works with javascript disabled


  • Determine the focus keywords for pages


  • Schema is correct for each page. Each page should be read and assigned a specific schema
  • Generate specific schemas with this tool( ie: rather then Generate a Generic ‘local business’ schema, be as specific as possible. ie: @type: Florist,.



  • Title tags
  • H1
  • Meta description
  • Internal linking
  • Keyword optiimization of pages

Thin content

  • Identify pages with content below 1000 words

Optimize titles for target keywords


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