shopify wholesale prices app review

The functionality we are looking to implement.

  1. discounts are applied per user or per user group
  2. customer is required to log in as a wholesale user to view the wholesale prices specific to that user
  3. discounts can be applied to entire collections or to individual products
  4. seamless integration - prices are applied to your existing catalogue

  1. Wholesale Club $39.99pm, good plugin. However it does not work with ajax cart / cart draw which many themes use. This is going to be a common problem with integrating wholesale pricing apps.
  2. Wholesale Suite $6.99pm, does not install properly, could not get past the free trial screen.
  3. Wholesale Pricing free/$14.95pm works more like upsell - the more you buy the more you save type thing
  4. Wholesale Discount Solution free/$12pm - Rather then integrating into your existing prices. This app creates a whole new page for wholesale display.
  5. Wholesale Pricing Discount $19.99pm - could not setup the wholesale price configuration without creating a support ticket which had a 1 - 2 day turnaround time.
  6. Wholesale all in one $24pm - the app requires a support ticket to get it working. We did this and the team at DigitalCoo installed it and also setup a handy test environment. Furthermore, the app also worked with the ajax cart.
  7. bold custom pricing wholesale $39.99pm - Yet another app that needs to be installed via a support ticket. From what i can tell about this app, The user interface of the app seems cheap and nasty. App seems overpriced.
  8. Wholesale Discounts Now 14.95pm - applies the Discount to the single product page template and cart template. The discounts are not applied to ajax dropdown cart or the collection page template.
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