add seo schema to wordpress page using acf and chatgpt


  • acf plugin installed
  • chatgpt credits

create header scripts field

create your textarea field and apply it to pages

add code to your header.php

  • in your theme locate your header.php
  • add the below code the opening <head> tag.

use chat gpt to generate your schema

for every page you require a schema for, feed it the following information

  • type of schema required

generate an seo schema for a local business schema generate an seo schema for finance calculator

This will give you a scaffold that you will need to edit.

add the schema to your pages

  • copy the generated schema from chatgpt to the header_scripts field on the respective page
  • update the name and description of the schema to relevant and meaningful to the content.

Validate your schema

feed in your page url to test your schema validates

schema validator

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