Vim Quickscope Plugin

To enhance your content or code editing experience the Quickscope plugin empowers you to move the cursor along your current line to any position. With just a couple of keystrokes.

Now to move to a specific character on a line. You dont need a plugin. But quickscope makes the native vim a little nicer.

I unofficially refer to f, F, t, T, ; and , as the character motions. They form your swiss army knife for moving across a line:

Why use Quickscope?

It will help you break the habit of holding down Vim keys to move back and forward along the line. This is inefficient. Even if you have sped up your vim cursor to move super fast. Quickscope is a faster to navigate your cursor across a page of text.

The three primary Quickscope commands.

  1. Find/Go forward
  2. Find/Go backward
  3. Repeat last motion

Go to a specific character

  • Hit f then the character you want to move to in the forward direction along your line
  • Hit F the the character you want to go to in the backwards direction along the line
  • Hit , to repeat the last Quickscope motion you performed.

Go before the character

  • In the forward direction t then the letter you want the cursor to go before
  • the backwards direction hit t then the lefter you want to go before.

Repeating motions

Repeating motions is common as often the character you want to move to is not the first occurrence on the line. Quickscope provides and easy way to repeat your forwards and backwards motions.

  • , repeats the last character motion in the opposite direction.
  • ; repeats the last character motion in the original direction.
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